WBC 2021 Status Special Newsletter
From: conventiondirector (conventiondirectorboardgamers.org)
Date: Fri, 7 May 2021 13:26:52 -0700 (PDT)
WBC 2021 Status Special Newsletter

I hope this note finds you and your families safe and healthy.


The BPA Board has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation regarding WBC 2021
and the BPA membership safety.  This monitoring includes State restrictions,
especially our host state of Pennsylvania, CDC Guidelines for vaccinated
persons (
travel restrictions for international travelers from our two largest member
countries, enforcement of mask/vaccine requirements, and member concerns
received.  The Board is aware of and considered the Pennsylvania Governor
announcement that he plans on lifting restrictions on May 31.


After reviewing these factors, the Board has decided to cancel WBC for 2021.
The impacts on reservations with Seven Springs and your 2020-2021 BPA
Membership are below.  The board will be discussing the impact on other
areas including, but not limited to, WBC 2022 events.  As we finalize these
topics, I will include the results in our future monthly newsletters.


We realize that this decision is disappointing for a majority of you,
including board members personally. However, the Board feels that this is
the most appropriate action to take for the safety of our members and the
organization given that CDC guidelines may not change before July, vaccines
are not likely to be approved for many children until later in the summer,
members from outside the US still cannot attend freely, and we have heard
from enough members with concerns about attending and vaccinations. 


Regarding reservations related to WBC 2021 with Seven Springs, beginning on
Monday, May 17, 2021, Seven Springs will begin cancelling all WBC
reservations and refunding the deposits made on those reservations. There is
no need for you to call the resort if you want your reservation canceled.
If you plan on still going to Seven Springs and want to keep your
reservation, you will need to contact Seven Springs reservations by Friday,
May 14 at (866) 437-1300 and inform them not to cancel your reservation. If
anyone planning to still go wishes to have a room available for gaming,
please contact Jerry Taggart of Seven Springs at (814) 352-777 x7387.


Seven Springs will honor the WBC 2021 lodging rates for personal visits this
summer.  BPA Members can call the Seven Springs reservations team directly
at 866-437-1300 and ask for the WBC rates.  Rooms and reservations are
subject to hotel availability.


The Board has agreed to extend all 2021 Sustaining and Higher-Level
Memberships  through 2022 which includes admission to WBC 2022.  This covers
those extended from 2020 and those paid in 2021.  The current membership
period and rates that were to expire on June 15, 2021 will be extended to
June 15, 2022.  If a member wishes to get a refund of their membership, they
should send a note to me at  <mailto:conventiondirector [at] boardgamers.org>
conventiondirector [at] boardgamers.org to request the refund.


Associate memberships for PBeM tournaments will remain a one-year membership
for 2021 only.  


If you have any questions on this, please reach out to me at the above email
address and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  



Ken Gutermuth

Executive Director

Boardgame Players Association



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