BPA June Newsletter
From: Ken Gutermuth (conventiondirectorboardgamers.org)
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 13:46:15 -0700 (PDT)


The days are counting down to what many believe is the best week of gaming.
Herewith is the roll call of last chance warnings for the procrastinators
among us.


DATES ANNOUNCED THROUGH 2027: No, it is not a typo.  The Board has approved
a contract extension with Seven Springs for 2018 through 2027.  Join us at
the BPA annual meeting at WBC on Tuesday, July 25th at 3pm to learn more.
Dates can be found at  <http://boardgamers.org/wbcindex.html>
http://boardgamers.org/wbcindex.html .  


LAST CALL TO VOTE: This year's Board of Directors election ends June 15th.
Get all the information at  <http://boardgamers.org/about_election2017.html>
http://boardgamers.org/about_election2017.html. As usual, voting is
effortless and takes only a moment thanks to the electronic ballot at
http://boardgamers.org/forms/BoardBallot.shtml All members (any paid
attendee of  WBC for more than one day is considered a member) are urged to
vote  since validation requires sufficient membership participation. 


ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT TO PRE-REGISTER FOR WBC: WBC Pre-registration ends on June
22 and walk-on rates are higher, so plan accordingly now and avoid the
sticker shock later. You can still get the discounted rates until June 22nd
by completing the application that can be found at
http://www.boardgamers.org/forms/MemberForm.shtml and submitting the
appropriate payment.


Note: If you are in the habit of showing up at the door and requesting extra
days on your badge, be advised that the higher walk-on rates will apply.
Increased door rates are imposed to encourage pre-registration and avoid
badge reprints which slow the registration process for yourself and others.
So, if you want to upgrade your membership, do so now before
Pre-Registration ends on June 22nd. No Paypal payments or Tribune upgrades
(with their accompanying gift card) will be accepted after June 22nd.


26th TEAM TOURNAMENT: Yes, it is almost time for the 27th run for the
slivers, so enter your team now by emailing
<mailto:conventiondirector [at] boardgamers.org>
conventiondirector [at] boardgamers.org and join the seven early entrants 
registered.  Your teams must be composed of four pre-registered players -
each vying in a different event.

Once again, the Happy Handicapper challenges one and all to best his
predictions and win fame, fortune and glory in the Annual Bracket Bustin'
Contest. Early prognostications will come soon.  Details of the Team
Tournament and Bracket Busting Contest can be found at


REGISTRATION LIST UPDATED:  A List of WBC pre-registered members can be
found at  <http://boardgamers.org/wbc17/prereg.html>
http://boardgamers.org/wbc17/prereg.html .  There are 935 attendees enrolled
as of June 4th.  Use this page to check the status of your registration.
The page will be updated weekly as we head into the last two weeks of


AUCTION/AUCTION STORE: The WBC AUCTION sold out in record time again this
year and is no longer accepting lots. The Auction Store continues to accept
submissions, but is more than 60% full at this time.  Unregistered items
will NOT be accepted on site. See
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc_auctionstore.html for more details.  


SCHEDULING TOOLS: An ever increasing array of scheduling aids including
Preview Pages, Spreadsheet Schedule, Calendar, and Power' Custom Scheduler
are now on line. Check the Schedule page for all of these updated scheduling
tools, plus upcoming 2017 iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle apps as they
become available at  <http://boardgamers.org/wbc17/schedule.html>


OPEN GAMING LIBRARY:  The current Game Library can be found at
http://boardgamers.org/wbc17/library.html.  The BPA Game Library will lend
out 2,000 games during the course of WBC. Those wishing to add to the
offerings can deliver them to the Registration Desk in Stag Pass or mail
them to BPA, 7766 Valley View Court, Hickory, NC 28602 for delivery by July


HENRY RICHARDSON OBITUARY: We are sorry to report the passing of one of our
own with an entry on the BPA Memorial page at


WBC LODGING UPDATE: Seven Springs is now accepting reservations for stays of
2 nights or more.  Single night stays (hotel rooms only) will not be
accepted until June 15th.  


The common perception for some time has been that Seven Springs is sold out
for WBC - and while that is true for certain types of lodging and dates,
there are many vacancies to be had during the nine-day conference if one is
open to other options. Our room block expires on Wednesday, June 22nd when
our pre-registration ends and at that time these rooms will be available to
the general public. Seven Springs will continue to honor the WBC room rates
however anytime up until conference based on availability.


There are still rooms, chalets and condos available during WBC as of June
6th. Please keep in mind that all units may not be available for all dates
so call and speak with a Reservation Agent for help with reservations. The
office is open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM till 9 PM and on Sunday's
from 8 AM till 7 PM and they can be reached directly toll free


HIDDEN VALLEY: Seven Springs also offers both hotel and condo reservations
in the neighboring property of Hidden Valley as overflow housing through the
same Seven Springs reservation system. Since these are outside shuttle
service range, they are not recommended for those without their own




HAMEL WINS MARCH MADNESS:  Bob Hamel became the twelfth different champion
by winning this year's tournament in a field of 46 players.  His 7th seeded
Indiana 1953 team defeated Haim Hochboim's 42nd seeded Missouri 2009 team
85-75.  The top six finishers were Bob Hamel, Haim Hochboim, Don Greenwood,
Mike Pacheco, Bruce Monnin, and Ken Gutermuth. See all the matchups and
scores at 

http://www.nktelco.net/bdmonnin/mm-brack-2017.htm. Details can be found at


LYNG WINS TWILIGHT STRUGGLE:  After a two year struggle and 307 games
logged, Wayne Bonnet and Ted Lyng advanced from a field of 74 players and a
2015 start to contest the final round of the 2017 BPA Twilight Struggle PBeM
tournament. After bidding, Ted took the U.S. + 3 IPs in a trans-Pacific
battle. Wayne is from New Zealand as Americans face an increasingly
worldwide class of competition with four nations represented by the top six
players - including Russian Sergey Kosarev. Details can be found at


MUSELLA WINS WATERLOO: Marty Musella defeated defending champion Joe Beard
in the Final matching the top two seeds from the field of 21 in the second
BPA PBeM tournament. Details are available on the tournament web site at
<http://watgame.com/> http://watgame.com/ including turn by turn game maps
of the championship match. The top six finishers were: Marty Musella, Joe
Beard, Richard Beyma, Bert Schoose, Ed Menzel, and Gary Dickson.  Details
can be found at  <http://www.boardgamers.org/yearbook16/wat.html>


PRO GOLF ENTERS FINAL ROUND:  The Masters has come and gone but our BPA
duffers have entered the Third Round in their quest for the coveted BPA
Green Jacket.  16 golfers made the cut from Round 2 with Ken Gutermuth and
Derek Landel leading the way at 7 under par.  Round 3, which ends on June
30th, is being played at Pebble Beach.  Ken Gutermuth and Pete Stein are the
current leaders at 9 under par and are still on the course.  John Coussis is
the current leader in the clubhouse.


WAR AT SEA 2017-18 TOURNAMENT BEGINS: The 2017-18 War at Sea Tournament, the
12th for the BPA, has begun.  Information about the tournament can be found
at  <https://waratsea.jimdo.com> https://waratsea.jimdo.com 


ANNOUNCING 9th BITTER WOODS PBeM:  The 9th BPA Bitter Woods PBeM tournament
will commence on August 1st.  Players must be members of the BPA in order to
enter the competition. All games will be AREA rated. The tournament will
follow a single elimination format with play of the 6 turn and 8 Turn Attack
on 16AM. The length of each round will be 13 weeks. The GM is Bruno
Sinigaglio who can be reached at  <mailto:brunofjs [at] hotmail.com>
brunofjs [at] hotmail.com if there are any questions on the tournament. Check 
the Bitterwoods website managed by Tom Gregorio and Ed Witkowski at
<http://www.bitterwoods.net/> http://www.bitterwoods.net/


ANNOUNCING 3rd WATERLOO PBeM:  The Waterloo 2017-18 email tournament will
start August 1st.  Contact GM Ed Menzel ( <mailto:edmenzel [at] roadrunner.com>
edmenzel [at] roadrunner.com) to sign up. It will be single elimination with
auction bidding for sides. Rules and rule clarifications will be the same as
the last two tournaments with one exception. The Wissel brigades arrival
will be delayed until the 18-0700 turn in accordance with the change for
this year's WBC. Round lengths will be 3 months. All players must be current
members of the BPA. Details are available on the tournament web site -
<http://watgame.com/> http://watgame.com/. 


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