BPA May News
From: Ken Gutermuth (conventiondirectorboardgamers.org)
Date: Wed, 17 May 2017 11:19:44 -0700 (PDT)
WBC 2017 EVENT PREVIEWS: Each of our 155 tournaments are reviewed in detail
as only WBC does them at  <http://boardgamers.org/wbc17/previews_2017.html>
http://boardgamers.org/wbc17/previews_2017.html .  Check out the formats for
your favorite events and get an early look at the WBC Schedule.  The
Previews also include the Juniors schedule as well as new pages for the
seminars and non-tournament Game Demonstrations.

PRE-REGISTRATION LIST LIVE:  A List of WBC pre-registered members has been
posted at  <http://boardgamers.org/wbc17/prereg.html>
http://boardgamers.org/wbc17/prereg.html .  There are 840 attendees enrolled
up as of May 1st.  Use this page to check the status of your registration.
The page will be updated weekly as we head into the last five weeks of


AUCTION/AUCTION STORE LOTS: The opening bell has sounded for this year's
auction as gamers take to their closets to see what they will part with in
the annual flurry to register items for the WBC Auction and Auction Store.
As the former is limited to 550 items and always sells out, it is not wise
to procrastinate. You snooze, you lose. Once again, all items must be
pre-registered for both the Auction and Auction Store.  The latter is also
capped again at 1500 items so don't delay. Unregistered items will NOT be
accepted. To help cope with the ever increasing paperwork burden for our
staff, Auction submissions must have a minimum of five lots; Auction Store
submissions must have a minimum of ten lots and Unsold Auction Store lots
will have a 50 cents handling charge deducted from the Sellers proceeds for
each unsold item. Get the details at
http://boardgamers.org/wbc_auction_overview.html .  Send submissions to
<mailto:kg33327 [at] aol.com> kg33327 [at] aol.com . 


LAST CALL FOR DEMOS AND SEMINARS: Releasing the schedule in its myriad forms
is an increasingly challenging task given the competing desires of members
who want it all NOW and those who wait to the last minute and beyond to
commit to anything. Every year, requests are fielded from attendees who
cannot understand why it is too late to schedule their Game Demonstration or
Seminar into the schedule. All this procrastination comes to a crashing halt
on June 1st. Seminar and Game Demonstration requests can still be included
until then. So contact us now at
<mailto:conventiondirector [at] boardgamers.org>
conventiondirector [at] boardgamers.org or wait till next year. In an effort to
streamline our terminology, we have decided to eliminate Scheduled Open
Gaming and replace it with more Game Demonstrations unaffiliated with
official tournaments.  


Gaming, unauthorized exhibit tables will NOT be allowed to monopolize
tables. Monitors will be tasked with strict policing of commercial efforts
including prospective game designers who set up displays to troll for
P500/Kickstarter backing. While you are free to Open Game anything you like,
you will NOT be allowed to monopolize tables with displays that are not
being actively played. Instead, designers/publishers are urged to register
for FREE scheduled demos in the Exhibit Annex demonstration area. To be
included in the schedule, you must be a current Sustaining level or higher
member and register your demo before June 1st.  Multiple or long
demonstrations are allowed on a space available basis. Contact
<mailto:conventiondirector [at] boardgamers.org>
conventiondirector [at] boardgamers.org for additional information. Include
alternate times and type of table desired (either 5' rounds or 6' x 30"
rectangulars) as well as boxart files containing the title of the game for
display signage. Reservations will be made on a first come, first served
basis.  Submit requests to  <http://boardgamers.org/forms/DemoForm.htm>
http://boardgamers.org/forms/DemoForm.htm . 


election of 2016 behind us, it is once again time to elect three members to
three-year terms on the BPA Board of Directors. This year's slate features
three incumbents and two challengers vying for three seats. Voting will
remain open until June 15th. All members (any paid attendee of WBC for more
than one day is considered a member) are urged to vote since validation
requires sufficient membership participation. Get all the information at
http://www.boardgamers.org/about_election2017.html . As usual, voting is
effortless and takes only a moment thanks to the electronic ballot at
http://boardgamers.org/forms/BoardBallot.shtml .  


WBC LODGING UPDATE: Seven Springs is now accepting reservations for stays of
2 nights or more.  Single night stays (hotel rooms only) will not be
accepted until June 15th.  


Despite the implementation of the stricter cancellation policy this year,
the hotel is sold out for most prolonged stays.  If you come early for a
short stay, there are still vacancies to be had.  However, there are
alternatives. Start by calling the hotel at 1-866-437-1300 and checking the
dates you are interested in. If currently unavailable, ask to be put on the
callback list in case of cancellations. See
http://boardgamers.org/wbclodging.html  for more information.


However, there is still lodging to be had even for stays as short as two
days, as space is still available at condominiums, chalets and cabins on
property as well as rooms in nearby Hidden Valley and elsewhere. The
reservationist can direct you to it.  We encourage those who would benefit
from the enhanced accommodations of a condo to make the switch (especially
if you will have access to a car). The reservationist at 

1-866-437-1300 can give you more details on the various options available
including nearby offsite lodging.


HIDDEN VALLEY: Seven Springs also offers both hotel and condo reservations
in the neighboring property of Hidden Valley as overflow housing through the
same Seven Springs reservation system. Since these are outside shuttle
service range, they are not recommended for those without their own


CONDOMINIUMS/CHALETS: A wonderful feature of Seven Springs is the
availability of nearby condominiums and chalets on the property that can be
rented for stays of two days or more. Seven Springs still has the following
units available as of May 15th: 14-18 lockouts, 19-22 one bedrooms, 16-21
two bedrooms, 16-20 three bedrooms, 10-16 four bedrooms, and 4-9 chalets
depending on length of stay.  Those who can group together with friends and
family to cohabit these units will find these accommodations most welcome
given their inclusion of fully equipped kitchens, dining and common living
room areas that can enhance your visit - especially for those considering
extended stays. While having access to a car is recommended for condo
rentals, it is not required as free shuttle service is available on property
around the clock. 


Even when the hotel website lists no vacancies, condo/chalet/cabin rentals
are available. Call 1-866-437-1300 to speak to a reservationist about the
options. The reservationists are available to answer your questions and will
even recommend nearby unaffiliated housing. For those willing to orchestrate
their groups into multi-bedroom condo units, this represents a great
opportunity for group bonding and sharing that could enhance your convention
experience more than the typical hotel room stay and was a major reason we
chose to have WBC here. Multi-bedroom condos are rented to one individual
who is responsible for payment for all bedrooms in that unit. Individuals
getting together to share a condo, need to elect one amongst themselves to
handle the payment for the entire group.




WAR AT SEA 2017-18 TOURNAMENT SIGN-UPS: The 2017-18 War at Sea Tournament,
the 12th for the BPA, is scheduled to begin on June 1.  Darren Kilfara, the
defending WAS PBeM champion, has volunteered to be the GM for this year?s
tournament.  If you are interested in participating in this year?s
tournament, don?t hesitate as there is less than three weeks until the
tournament begins.  This is your chance to possible take down our former
convention director as Don was the first to enter.  Information about the
tournament can be found at  <https://waratsea.jimdo.com>


record with 40 points in capturing his 4th Diplomacy PBeM title.  Kevin
topped Mikalya Tang and Ken Gutermuth in capturing the title in a field of
35 players.  Kevin proved to be the best diplomat as he recorded two solo
victories and a two-way victory.  Mikalya Tang and Ken Gutermuth finished
with 35 points with each scoring a solo victory and a pair of two-way
victories with Mikalya edging out Ken for 2nd place.  Completing the top six
laurelists were Warren Day 4th, Chris Lee 5th, and Natalie Howard 6th.  A
surprise was the rare emergence of Italy as the best nation in the
tournament.  Further details including current laurel totals can be found at


PRO GOLF ENTERS ROUND 2:  The Masters has come and gone but our BPA duffers
have entered the Second Round in their quest for the coveted BPA Green
Jacket.  34 golfers made the cut from Round 1 with Pete Stein leading the
way with a 7 under par 65 at Augusta, while 4 players stumbled into Round 2
with 2 over par.  Round 2, which ends on May 1, is being played at Muirfield
Village.  Muirfield is proving to be difficult as 1st round leader Pete shot
a 3 over par 75 and is currently fourth.  Thomas Browne is the current
leader at 6 under par after 16 holes.


Bracket A, top seeded Mike Pacheco (San Francisco 1956) is tied 50-50 with
Bill Edwards? 45th seeded Minnesota late in the second half.  The winner
advances to the Final Four where they will take on Haim Hochboim?s 42nd
seeded Missouri 2009.  In Bracket B, Don Greenwood and his 9th seeded Duke
2011 leads late against North Carolina 1998, the #5 seed coached by Mark
Yoshikawa.  Bob Hamel awaits in the Final Four with his 7th seeded Indiana
1953.  Check out the progress at 



LAST ROUND OF SWISS FOR NAPOLEONIC WARS: In the third round of Swiss play,
30 players fight to earn their way into the 9-player single elimination
rounds.  One of the ten Round 3 games has been completed placing Lance
Roberts and Richard Prast in the clubhouse with 11 points each.


WILDERNESS WAR ROUND 3 HAS BEGUN: Round 3 of the Wilderness War PBeM
Tournament has started and will end in August. The initial field was 49
players.  There are 11 undefeated players after two rounds. The top three
seeds, Keith Wixson, James Pei and Paul Gaberson are among the double
winners. After four rounds of Swiss play the top eight players will advance
to the elimination rounds. In the 45 games completed so far the British
player has won 28 times.


tournament has been completed and the eight players competing in the single
elimination round has been determined.  In no surprise to the FTP crowd, the
Pei brothers, James and Nick, are part of the elite eight.  Mustafa Corapri,
Warren Day, David Sherwood, Tim Tow, Michael Ussery, and George Young round
out the rest of the field as the mighty 7 try to topple the FTP Master,
James Pei.


PATHS OF GLORY ROUND 2 CONTINUES: With just over 3 and ½ weeks to go in
Round 2, 35 of the 54 Round 2 matches (a BPA POG record) are now complete
with 26 AP wins and 9 CP wins.  The bad news is that 15 participants have
ended their quest for glory - having been credited with their second loss.
As usual, GM Tom Gregorio sets the gold standard for PBeM GMs with an
entertaining and informative newsletter keeping everyone up to date,
including a POG Puzzle with each newsletter. If you?re interested in POG,
you should get on Tom?s mailing list at  <mailto:gregorit [at] yahoo.com>
gregorit [at] yahoo.com


AFRIKA KORPS ENTERS QUARTERFINALS: With a little more than a month left in
the quarterfinals, two of the four games have been completed.  Randy Heller
and Joe Beard have advanced to the semifinal round with victories over Bill
Morse and Joe Harkins, respectively.  Bert Schoose, Gregory Hultgren, Ed
Menzel, and Mark Gutfreund are still battling for the final two spots in the


WATERLOO FINAL: The Battle of Waterloo enters its Final Round with the top
two seeds fighting it out for the title.  Joe Beard bested Richard Beyma in
one semifinal while Marty Musella defeated Bert Schoose.  The initial set
ups for Marty (French) and Joe (PAA) can be found at  <http://watgame.com>


AND THEN THERE WERE 5 FOR BREAKOUT NORMANDY: Only four players remain in the
Breakout Normandy single elimination tournament.  Five players entered round
4 in March in search of the Breakout Normandy title.  Kevin Hammond has
advanced to round 5 by defeating Larry Myers for an Allied win.  In the
remaining games, Jim Eliason?s Allies are taking on Kevin Wojtaszczyk?s
Germans while Mike Kaye plays the Allies against the eliminator Tom


VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC ENTERS THE FINAL: The last semifinal goes all the way
to the end, with the Japanese pulling out the win by virtue of winning the
Central Pacific for 1 POC on the last turn to win by a margin of one-half!
Joe Dragan knocks out the highest remaining seed #2, Ted Drozd, and moves
into the Final with our dark horse, Scott Beall.  The 6th and 14th seeds
will play for all the marbles!  Watch the action at
http://www.gameaholics.com/vitp_bpa/vitp_bpa_single_elim_15.htm and get
ready to join the new tournament starting September 15th!


Rob Doane is in progress. Mark with the Spanish and Rob playing the Brits
will determine the fate of western Florida in the Revolutionary War. Mark
advanced by defeating Chris Easter at Pensacola in the Semifinal while Rob
did likewise against Bruno Sinigaglio.  A total of 32 players entered the
tournament. As announced prior to the start of the tournament, the player
who fared best from the lower 16 area rated players would win a $50 gift
certificate to a vendor of choice at the WBC. The winner of the gift
certificate was Andy Maly who finished sixth overall.  Expect a new BPA
Battle of the American Revolution PBeM tournament to begin in September
after the WBC. 


ADVANCED CIVILIZATION UNDERWAY: The 2017 Advanced Civilization tournament
commenced in early March.  There are currently 10 games being played by 38
participants (each player plays two rounds in the preliminary round).  The
games are currently in rounds 9-13, which means all games are currently on
pace to finish before the cut-off date in October.  The final will begin
shortly thereafter.  Advancement to the final is determined by performance
in both games.  Seven of the tournament players are currently in either 1st
or 2nd place in BOTH of their games, which is quite an achievement!  There
is still a lot of game left to play, so current placements are very likely
to change.  


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