December BPA News
From: Donald Greenwood CD (
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 07:25:03 -0800 (PST)
GM of the YEAR: John Corrado has been named WBC’s 2016 GM of the Year. The 
Facts in Five and Castles of Mad King Ludwig GM prevailed over Andrew 
Drummond’s efforts with Can’t Stop and Seven Wonders Duel in a close vote and 
will therefore be our guest in 2017. For complete details see 

WBC 2016 AFTER ACTION REPORTS UNVEILED: All the details of WBC 2016 competition 
is now available in a slick new format as only WBC does them at 
<>. Updated laurel and history totals 
have yet to be completed for all events and will be added at a later date as 
our website continues its renovations. 

WBC 2017 CENTURY EVENT QUALIFIERS: The 110 events which qualified to return to 
WBC 2017 as Century or Legacy entries are posted at 
<> along with 41 potential Continuing 
Trials and 26 new nominees that are listed on the Annual December Membership 
ballot. It looks like a banner crop of new event submissions this year so 
voters will have plenty of choices and hard decisions to make this time.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE EXTENDED: Our annual Membership Drive wherein we offer our 
lowest rates and vote for new and continuing events gets underway December 1st. 
For the first time we will be extending the period to respond to two full 
months so you will have until January 31st, 2017 to renew your membership at 
our lowest rates. The updated 2017 membership form and ballot are now available 
<> as are the revised Membership 
Terms at 
<> for 2017. Be sure to check out the 
sportsmanship nominees at 
<> before completing your 

PROGRESS AT SEVEN SPRINGS: Those of you who attended WBC 2016 in our new venue 
were no doubt as impressed as we were with our first experience there. But both 
Seven Springs management and BPA thinks we can do better going forward. We are 
pleased to report the following improvements for 2017.

• Rentals of condos and chalets is proceeding well - promising to free up more 
hotel rooms in 2017. Reservations for hotel stays of five days or more will 
commence on January 15th at 9 AM EST, but condos can be rented now with a 
special  “pay for five days, get two days free” promotion currently underway 
for multi-bedroom condos. In co-ordination with this, we will be extending the 
Annual Membership Drive period from December through January. Yes, you will now 
have two full months to vote for Continuing Trials and qualify for our lowest 
Sustaining membership rate.

• A new Air Conditioning system will be installed in the Ski Lodge this spring 
and ready for our use. This should make event scheduling a much smoother 

• The free Gift Card for Tribune members has been increased to a $30 value. 

• An outside grill area near the Grand Ballroom and Exhibit Hall will be opened 
for quicker sandwich fare to reduce restaurant wait times for food service.

• A new restaurant - the 7-10 Bistro - will be opened opposite an enlarged 
bowling alley for food service on the second level. 

• ACTIVTY PASSES: A special WBC weekly pass is being considered to allow our 
attendees to spread their outside adventure activities over a longer period 
without missing whole days of gaming.

• WIFI: Last year’s spotty wifi is much improved as the system throughout the 
resort has been replaced and upgraded,

• VALET PARKING: WBC attendees may purchase a discounted $40 weekly valet 
parking rate for spots nearest the hotel - first come, first served. Valet 
parking has a limited number of spaces available. There will still be abundant 
free parking - just not as close as the Valet spots.

• SHUTTLES: Free shuttles to/from Seven Springs condos will continue to 
operate, but those who wish to supplement that option can do so with a weekly 
Lift Pass for the ski lifts without purchasing an Activity Pass. Hours of 
operation and which lifts service which condo areas are still being considered. 

• SUNDAY MASS: WBC attendees are welcome to attend regular Catholic Mass 
Services at the Resort.

JASON LEY: We regret to report that WBC lost one of its original members and 
top competitors taken from us far too soon on October 21st in a tragic 
automobile accident. Details of Jason’s passing are posted on our Memorial page 

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Keep up with WBC electronically by joining the World 
Boardgaming Championships (WBC) Facebook group and the BPA_WBC Twitter Page. 
You can also easily find us in the Boardgame Geek Forums  under Gaming Related, 
Conventions, WBC.

        • BGG: 

        • Twitter: <>  

        • Facebook: 

        • Consimworld: 


MARCH MADNESS DELAYED START: The 15th annual BPA March Madness PBeM tournament 
originally scheduled for a November 15th Draft start has been delayed through 
no fault of the NCAA and GM Bruce Monnin. Rather, it is a long, sad story of 
this newsletter being perpetually delayed by a series of missed deadlines and 
calamities both small and large. Those of you who waited 97 days to submit your 
event report may have had a little something to do with it too. In any case, 
better late than never … check out the website at 
<> and get in on the fun by 
contacting GM Bruce Monnin at bdmonnin [at] <mailto:bdmonnin [at]>.

LUNAU WINS ADVANCED CIVILIZATION AGAIN: Denmark’s Mads Lunau won his third 
straight ACV PBeM tournament by topping Sweden’s Jonas Lundquist and a field of 
37 in BPA’s 5th Annual PBeM tournament. It was a strong international field 
with six different nations represented in the top six positions. UK’s Nils 
Brobakk took third, Norway’s Haakon Monsen fourth, Canada’s Ed Codere fifth and 
America’s Dan Morris claiming sixth. Complete details can be found at 

PATHS OF GLORY PROGRESS REPORT: We’ve just wrapped up our second month of 
action in Round 1 and the action has been fast and furious.  16 of 51 matches 
have been decided and many others are on track to complete in the next few 
weeks.  The AP has won nine games and lost seven and it’s reassuring to see 
people finding all sorts of ways to gain victory.  But fear not, vanquished 
warriors, for this is a double-elimination event which means an early loss will 
not keep you out of the action in Round 2 of the tournament.  GM Tom Gregorio 
has put out a slick and informative email newsletter pertaining to the 
tournament. Whether you’re playing or not, if you’re a POG fan you should get 
on his mailing list to follow the action. Contact gregorit [at] 
<mailto:gregorit [at]> 

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