BPA June 2014 Newsletter
From: Donald Greenwood CD (cdboardgamers.org)
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 02:46:10 -0700 (PDT)
ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT TO PRE-REGISTER FOR WBC: WBC Pre-registration ends earlier 
this year (June 30) and walkon rates are higher, so plan accordingly now and 
avoid the sticker shock later. The 2014 WBC Pre-Reg form and accompanying 
information is now posted at http://www.boardgamers.org/downloads/prereg14.pdf. 
Current members who have already purchased Sustaining or higher level 
memberships need NOT pre-register UNLESS they want to register their team for 
the Team Tournament (the earlier the better please - especially if you have a 
new team name), upgrade to Tribune level to attend pre-cons, or order any of 
the numerous souvenir and apparel items. However, the four-page folder contains 
much information on WBC so be sure to check it out anyway - especially for the 
time sensitive purchase of apparel items. 

Note: If you are in the habit of showing up at the door and requesting extra 
days on your badge, be advised that the higher walkon rates will apply. 
Increased door rates are imposed to encourage pre-registration and avoid badge 
reprints which slow the registration process for yourself and others. So, if 
you want to upgrade your membership to include pre-cons, do so now before 
Pre-Registration ends on June 30.

TEAM TOURNAMENT UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Stuart Tucker, the Happy Handicapper, has 
stepped down and passed the Odds baton to Jeff Cornett for a renewed challenge 
that relies more heavily on past statistics.  Stuart will remain active from 
the cheap seats, critiquing the odds and pointing out the over- and under-rated 
based on his years at the track. Can you beat the new Handicapper this year? 
Note that team registration is also affected by the earlier deadline for WBC 
pre-registration. If you're not pre-registered by June 30th, you can't be on a 
team. The first horses are already headed to the starting gate at 
http://boardgamers.org/wbc14/teamtour.htm for the 24th annual run for the 
slivers. Get your team entered and study the racing form for our annual Bracket 
Busting contest. Don't procrastinate! Enter your team now by mailing in your 
pre-reg form or simply sending an email to CD [at] boardgamers.org. 

ANDROID APP DEBUTS: Kevin Broh-Kahn's WBC Schedule is now available on Android 
at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.boardgamers.wbc. It 
features offline storage of the schedule (App does not require internet 
connection after download), views of entire schedule by day, hour and 
tournament, personalized schedule and more. An iOS App is currently under 
review at iTunes.

WBC PROGRAM ON LINE: A colorized version of the 2014 program containing the 
complete alphabetical  and chronological schedule is now posted on line. Unlike 
the black & white print version distributed at WBC, the various categories of 
events are color coded as an aid to quick recognition and is definitely worth 
downloading and printing for the easiest reference.  It can be found at 
http://boardgamers.org/wbc14/schedule.htm.  View the details of your favorite 
events and then plan your schedule using Steve Okonski's Personal Scheduler at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/sviewer/. You can also find additional 
scheduling aids on line  for the ultimate in planning your week at WBC. 
Upcoming additions include an iOS App and i calendar format.

2013-2014 YEARBOOK: The most recent version of the WBC Yearbook is posted 
online for download at http://www.boardgamers.org/yearbook13/print/. Qualifying 
members who renewed their Sustaining or Tribune memberships by the required 
deadline and who were not mailed a copy may pick up theirs at WBC registration 
in New Holland. A limited number of additional copies will be available for 
sale on site for $10. 

AUCTION CLOSED: The Auction again sold out in record time this year. Those 
contemplating selling items now need to wait till next year or avail themselves 
of the Auction Store. All Auction Store items must be pre-registered. The 
Auction Store is also capping what it will accept this year at 2200 items so 
don't delay. Unregistered items will NOT be accepted. Get the details at 

WBC - THE BOARD GAME: New games come and go with the regularity of the seasons, 
but one recently debuted on the GMT P500 list which made us sit up and take 
notice as two of our own WBC stalwarts - Bryan Collars and Josh Githens - have 
ventured into the realm of game design with a subject near and dear to our 
hearts. BPA is pleased to acknowledge their progress with a special shout out 
to all our attendees to check out this new product. The six turns each 
represent a day at the convention. Players must manage their time while 
contesting events in a quest for laurels amidst a flurry of event cards with a 
familiar (and, dare I say, humorous) ring. By ordering early you not only get 
the discounted P500 price but the opportunity to see yourself immortalized in a 
game card. Avail yourself of the opportunity to experience the game at WBC in 
one of its three official demos this summer.

For those who are wondering, BPA has no stake in the game and no commercial 
interest thereto although its mere existence may serve as a portal to introduce 
others to the WBC experience. But if in some distant future year you are 
unfortunate enough to be among the missing, at least you can pull out the game 
at home and experience WBC all over again in spirit. Get all the details at 
http://www.gmtgames.com/p-495-wbc-the-board-game.aspx. May its P500 numbers 
grow high and fast. 

REGISTRATION PAGE OPENED: WBC's Pre-Registration is setting a record pace at 
http://boardgamers.org/wbc/prereg.htm with nearly 900 attendee commitments 
already logged in but it all comes to a crashing halt on July 1, so don't 
delay.  Any registration received after June 30th will be charged the higher 
rates. Use this page to check the status of your registration, troll for 
teammates, rides or  roommates, or even Open Gaming matches or baby sitting 
gigs. Send your requests to ACD [at] boardgamers.org

LIBRARY INVENTORY UPDATE: Donations of new games are again pouring into the BPA 
Game Library sponsored by Alliance Distributors. The center piece of the 
Lancaster Showroom's 13,000 sq ft Open Gaming Dinner Theatre made over 1800 
recorded game loans last time and an even bigger assortment  of the latest 
games is expected in 2014. See the continually updated 2014 inventory as it 
grows ever larger at  http://boardgamers.org/wbc14/library.htm.

OPEN GAMING EXPANDS: The Showroom's 13,000 sq ft Open Gaming location remains 
the focal point of the convention  and will be supplemented by the even larger 
Expo Center during peak days, Wednesday thru Saturday.  While the Expo Center 
is without library services and rectangular tables, it will not be subject to 
parking tickets and may be a better choice for games with long setup times 
whose players need to take occasional breaks. However, unattended games remain 
so at your own risk. Note once again that there is no Open Gaming during the 
Pre-Cons. More details are available at 

LODGING: Although the Host is long since sold out, overflow housing is 
available across the street at the Continental Inn for $99 per day including a 
free, hot breakfast. A three-night minimum stay is required for our special 
group rate. One night's deposit will be required upon booking. Deposit is 
refundable up until 48 hours prior to arrival. Phone 717-299-0421 to make your 
reservation or email info [at] continentalInn.com for a callback by the 
reservationist. Alternatively, you may book on line at 
http://www.continentalinn.com at the regular rates and identify yourself in the 
comments as claiming the WBC rate providing you are booking the three-night 
minimum stay. This offer is valid until July 1, 2014, or our room block sells 
out, whichever occurs first. 

TIE-DYE SPECIAL ORDERS BACK AGAIN: A wide assortment of WBC Souvenirs and 
apparel, most with the BPA embroidered logo, is now available to order at  
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/souvenirs.htm for pickup at WBC. 

WBC 2014 EVENT PREVIEWS: Each of our 159 tournaments are previewed in detail as 
only WBC does them at http://boardgamers.org/yearbkex14/.  

POLLS CLOSE July 15: Only a month remains to vote for three members to 
three-year terms on the BPA Board of Directors. This year's election features 
two incumbents and two past Board members vying for three seats. Cast your vote 
to determine the odd man out. Get all the information at  
http://boardgamers.org/election2014.htm. As usual, voting is effortless and 
takes only a moment thanks to the electronic ballot at 
http://boardgamers.org/forms/BoardBallot.shtml.  All members (any paid attendee 
of WBC for more than one day is considered a member) are urged to vote  since 
validation requires sufficient membership participation. 


KIRCHER WINS MARCH MADNESS:  Rob Kircher earned his first MMS laurels in style 
by besting the 44-player field to win the 10th Annual March Madness PBeM 
tournament . Robert’s 12th-seeded Auburn 1999 team had a narrow 2-point victory 
in his first game, an 84-82 win over Dennis Nicholson’s Arizona 1997 squad.  
After an easier 74-59 win over Bob Hamel’s Kansas 1988 team, Robert survived 
another 2-point squeaker, 71-69, over Pete Stein’s Arkansas 1994 squad.  Robert 
suffered less stress after that, beating Robert Rund (UCLA 1970) 108-97, Derek 
Landel (North Carolina 1998) 89-62 and Max Jamelli (San Francisco 1956) 70-57. 
Israeli Aran Warszawski's 35th-seeded Oklahoma State 2005 team was the final 
hurdle and it came down to the last die roll before Robert emerged with a 63-56 
win. Other laurelists included Max Jamelli (also earning his first MMS 
laurels), Sean McCulloch, Derek Landel and Jeremy Billones. Updated laurel 
totals and more details of the 87-game tournament are available at 

WOJTASZCZYK LEADS PRO GOLF: Round 2 has finished with the cut line established 
at 2 under par, sending all but 17 duffers home. Laurie, not Keith, Wojtaszczyk 
is our leader in the clubhouse at 12 under par as the Junior monitor swings a 
mean stick. Must be all that practice keeping Juniors in line. Basketball champ 
Robert Kircher is in hot pursuit just one stroke back as he enters Amen Corner. 
Meanwhile, Pete Stein who was looking like a contender, but his 4 over par 
after just six holes at Augusta has him 7 strokes off the pace. I guess he 
won't be borrowing Yoshi's green jacket this year after all. See: 
http://www.nktelco.net/bdmonnin/PBeM_Scoresheet.htm to follow the action.

games of the Adel Verpflichtet/Hoity Toity tournament have ended!  Excluding 
Tom DeMarco, it wasn’t a good year to be a former champion. But Tom proved to 
be the exception to the rule, as he battles Suzanne Tuch and Bob Hamel for the 
lead in the playoffs. You can see all of the standings at 

portion of Round 14. Our international contingent holds the top three spots in 
the point totals, with Jonas Lundgvist (Babylon) at 2873, Mads Lunau (Thrace) 
at 2827, and Javier de la Fuente at 2800. Africa, Asia, Iberia, Illyria, and 
Assyria all trail behind.  With at least three turns remaining, there is still 
plenty of time for things to change. Meanwhile, we are still in the preliminary 
games for the 2014 tournament with all games between Rounds 9 and 14. At the 
time of this writing, the current leaders include Javier de la Fuente (tops in 
both games he is playing), Fredrick Carlsson, Shantanu Saha (also winning both 
games he is playing), Joe Lux, Jon Anderson, Bryan Metrish, and Kevin Youells 
(another two-game leader). 

WASHINGTON’S WAR: The Championship Round has started for the 4th BPA WTP/WWR 
tournament and should finish before WBC. Playing for the title are Dan Leader, 
who is undefeated, and Dave Rubin, who lost in Round 1. Leader advanced by 
beating James Pei in the Semifinals as the Americans in a very close game that 
came down to the last few cards and ended in 1780. Rubin defeated Trevor Bender 
in the Semis as the Brits in a rare autovictory in 1777. Pei and Bender will 
play a consolation game for 3rd place honors.

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