BPA February News
From: Donald Greenwood CD (cdboardgamers.org)
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 06:53:17 -0800 (PST)
SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP INCREASE: Less than two weeks remain to purchase 
Sustaining memberships for all of WBC Week at the bargain price of $70. Rates 
increase $10 on March 1st. Complete your membership at 

2014 EVENT LINEUP: The initial lineup of eligible events for the 2014 Century 
and 25 Continuing Trial events has been updated at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc14/orphans.htm along with the first of the 
Vendor/Sponsor supported events and the initial GM claims. It is now closed to 
all but Vendor and Sponsor supported entries. Event forms for additional events 
seeking Alternate status  to fill any vacancies and/or troll for Sponsor 
support will still be accepted until March 15th. 

memberships current AND submit an event form by March 15th. At that time, 
events without a satisfactory GM claim will be replaced by those events from 
the Alternate list for whom we have a satisfactory event form on file with a 
current GM commitment. You can now claim any qualifying OPEN event by 
completing the required event form at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/forms/SubmitEvent.php after reading the GM 
Guidelines linked from the start of that event form. Nothing happens at WBC 
without a willing GM behind it. But please ... do NOT volunteer unless you are 
going to fulfill the entire obligation. 

CURRENT MEMBERSHIP STATUS: Those wishing to checking their current membership 
levels may do so at http://boardgamers.org/wbc14/prereg.htm. Note that only 
Sustaining level members and above will be listed until General memberships 
become available with the appearance of the Pre-Reg form in May. 

LAST CHANCE FOR 2014 BoD NOMINATIONS: All BPA members are hereby notified of 
their right to nominate members for the three Board seats whose terms expire at 
the next WBC. To appear on the ballot, a member must be nominated in writing by 
at least three members; one of which must be himself/herself. Nominations must 
be signed and received at BPA, 1541 Redfield Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015 no later 
than February 28th to be eligible for election in that year. NOTE: Email 
nominations are NOT acceptable, nor can a member nominate more than one member 
for the Board. When contemplating nominations, members are urged to consider 
that the BPA conducts most of its business by email and needs Board members who 
are able and willing to offer their time and skills to the organization in a 
timely manner. Board members should be considered more for their ability to 
contribute to the running of a successful company than for their attachment to 
any particular game or genre. Besides forwarding a signed nomination, each 
nominee should submit by March 1st a statement not to exceed 100 words 
summarizing what they can contribute in service to the Board of Directors of 
the BPA. The nomination form is on line at http://www.boardgamers.org/bpanom.htm

LAST CHANCE TO APPROVE 2013 PATRONS: BPA's list of Patrons for 2013 is posted 
at http://boardgamers.org/wbc13/patrons.htm. Please report any inaccuracies to 
cd [at] boardgamers.org no later than February 28th to ensure an accurate 
listing in the upcoming Yearbook.


Tournament with an ironic nod to history as one of our favorite Limey's guided 
the Allies over the Whermacht of German Peter Brunken in an international 
final. In winning, Andrew became only the second player to win the WBC title, a 
PBeM crown, and a D-Day mini-con. Other laurelists in the 30-player field were 
the reigning WBC champ, Mike Kaye, Scott Fenn, Henry Jones and the defending 
PBeM champ, Mark Gutfreund. For more details and the latest laurel totals, see 

always wanted to bluff your way into a BPA championship.  Now’s your chance – 
the thieving, jailing, exhibiting, and bidding begins February 21, 2014.  
Everyone plays five games in just 6-9 weeks with the tournament wrapping up a 
month before WBC!  Learn the game and check out the tournament format at 
http://www.gameaholics.com/adv_bpa/adv_format.htm and then contact john [at] 
gameaholics.com to enter!  

ADVANCED CIVILIZATION: Advanced Civilization in five minutes a day! Signups are 
now underway for the 2014/15 Advanced Civilization PBeM tournament. Come rule a 
nation from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Each entrant will play two 
concurrent first round games, advancing eight to the final. Full information is 
available at http://bpa-civ.rol-play.com/. Please contact the GM at 
kevinyouells [at] gmail.com prior to February 26th to ENTER. The games will 
begin on March 1st. Meanwhile, the 2013-14 tournament enters mid-game of the 
Final at Round 9 with Kevin Worth (Asia) and Kevin Youells (Africa) tied for 
the lead with Javier de la Fuente (Egypt) a mere two points of the pace. 

PRO GOLF: Appropriately enough, on April 1st, 2014, one week before the 2014 
Masters, BPA will kick off its Fifth Annual Pro Golf PBeM tournament. For those 
who just can't get enough dice rolling and giggles in their life, we bring the 
silliness to you year 'round. See the event details at 
http://www.nktelco.net/bdmonnin/pro_golf_PBeM_2014.html and enter this 
monumental test of skill by emailing GM Bruce Monnin at bdmonnin [at] 

BREAKOUT NORMANDY: Also commencing April 1st with a decidedly different skill 
set will be the Ninth BPA PBeM tournament for Breakout Normandy in a Single 
Elimination format. Both the Avalon Hill and L2 versions will be accommodated 
in 5-month rounds. See 
https://sites.google.com/site/breakoutnormandytournament/ for details and 
contact GM Mark Gutfreund at gutfreund15 [at] yahoo.com to enter. 

MARCH MADNESS: Only 27 teams remain in the hunt for this year's title. Five 
teams have reached the Sweet 16: Derek Landel's 1998 Tarheels, Bruce Reiff's 
1998 Utah, Jeremy Billone's 2004 Oklahoma State, Aran Warszawski's Oklahoma 
State (2005) and Mike Pacheco's St. Johns 1985.  Follow the action at 

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