BPA May News
From: Donald Greenwood CD (cdboardgamers.org)
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 05:22:20 -0700 (PDT)
AVALON HILL REUNION: For many of us, the “hobby” began with the products of one 
company. This year, WBC occurs during the 15th anniversay of the sale of The 
Avalon Hill Game Company to Hasbro which ended the Avaloncon era - and gave 
birth to WBC. The passing of two of their colleagues in the past year has 
brought many of those employees back together again in 2013 to relive the old 
days one more time. Join us in Hopewell on Friday afternoon as the largest 
gathering of AH designers ever assembled retell old tales.

MATH TRADE: A Math Trade will occur at WBC on Saturday, August 3rd at 4 PM 
under the direction of Eric Sokalski. If unfamiliar with Math Trades, (the 
swapping of games) see the details at: 

WBC PRE-REGISTRATION FORM: The 2013 WBC Pre-Reg form and accompanying 
information is now posted at http://www.boardgamers.org/downloads/prereg13.pdf. 
Current members who have already purchased Sustaining or higher level 
memberships need not pre-register UNLESS they want to register their team for 
the Team Tournament (the earlier the better please - especially if you have a 
new team name), upgrade to Tribune level to attend pre-cons, or order any of 
the numerous souvenir and apparel items. However, the four-page folder contains 
much information on WBC so be sure to check it out anyway - especially for the 
time sensitive apparel items. 

AUCTION OPENING: The opening bell has sounded for this year's auction as gamers 
take to their closets to see what they will part with in the  annual flurry to 
register items for the WBC Auction and Auction Store.  As the former is limited 
to 550 items and always sells out, it is not wise to procrastinate. You snooze, 
you lose. Once again, all items must be pre-registered for both the Auction and 
Auction Store.  Unregistered items will not be accepted. Get the details at 

REGISTRATION PAGE OPENED: WBC's Pre-Registration page opened for business on 
May 7th at  http://boardgamers.org/wbc/prereg.htm with the first 711 attendee 
commitments logged in. Use this page to check the status of your registration, 
troll for teammates, rides or  roommates, or even Open Gaming matches or baby 
sitting gigs. Send your requests to ACD [at] boardgamers.org

TIE-DYE, JACKETS & HOODIES ... Oh My: The widest assortment of WBC Souvenirs 
and apparel ever offered with the BPA embroidered logo is now available to 
order at http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/souvenirs.htm for pickup at WBC. Be 
sure to order before June 15th as many of these items including the men's and 
ladies jackets and duffle bags are only available if pre-ordered by June 15th. 
Ladies ... you've been asking for special apparel just for you - here's your 

SCHEDULER UP & RUNNING: View the details of your favorite events and then plan 
your schedule using Steve Okonski's Personal Scheduler at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/sviewer/  in an improved format. You can also 
find additional scheduling aids by Steve at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/schedule.htm -  for the ultimate in planning 
your week at WBC.

ALLIANCE DISTRIBUTOR'S SAMPLER SHOWCASE: We again welcome the sponsorship of  
Alliance Distributors who will be supporting demonstrations of the latest game 
offerings the industry has to offer in Wheatland on Tuesday. The mentors will 
be Tom McCorry's merry crew of 'splainers John Corrado, Jim Vroom and Mike 
Fitzgerald. Scheduled offerings include: Bora Bora, Cinque terre, Island 
Fortress, Keyflower, Kings of Air & Steam, Terra Mystica, Yedo and CO2. Tom 
would welcome more 'splainers so if you'd be willing to teach a game on 
Tuesday, let us know. See the details at 

LIBRARY INVENTORY UPDATING: The WBC Game Library is in the process of 
soliciting donations for the 2013 season. The center piece of the Lancaster 
Showroom's 13,000 sq ft Open Gaming Dinner Theatre made over 1400 recorded game 
loans during WBC Week in 2012 and an even bigger assortment  of the newest 
games is expected in 2013. See the 2012 inventory at  
http://boardgamers.org/wbc/library.htm which is sure to grow in the weeks ahead 
as publishers provide us with new offerings.

TEXAS ROADHOUSE NIGHT: The popular steakhouse located directly across Route 30 
will again be hosting a fundraiser night to benefit the BPA Gaming Library on 
Tuesday, July 30th from 3 to 10:30 PM. So, if you're not an Auction follower, 
plan on eating early Tuesday with their $7.99 specials (before 5 PM) and enjoy 
your best meal of the week before the tournaments start again on Tuesday night. 
 Check out the menu at 
Submit the Texas Roadhouse ad from your program and 10% of your bill will 
benefit the upkeep of the Game library.

SEMINAR SCHEDULE: This year's speaking engagements are listed at 
http://boardgamers.org/wbc/seminars.htm. We will be adding to this schedule 
through June so advise us if you'd like to add to this list by using 

ELECTION TIME: It is time to select three members from six nominees to serve 
three-year terms on the BPA Board of Directors. Get all the information at 
http://boardgamers.org/election2013.htm. As usual, voting is effortless and 
takes only a moment thanks to the electronic ballot at 
http://boardgamers.org/forms/BoardBallot.shtml.  Polls will remain open until 
July 15th. All members (any paid attendee of  WBC for more than one day has 
voting rights) are urged to vote  since validation requires sufficient 
membership participation. 

KICK STARTER DEMOS: In an effort to alleviate crowding in the Open Gaming 
theatre, exhibit tables will NOT be allowed in the Showroom in 2013. Monitors 
will be tasked with stricter policing of commercial efforts including 
prospective game designers who set up displays to troll for P500 backing. 
Players are free to Open Game anything but will not be allowed to monopolize 
tables with displays that are not being actively played. Instead, 
designers/publishers are urged to register for FREE scheduled demos in the 
Paradise Assembly demonstration area. To be included in the printed schedule, 
you must be a current Sustaining level or higher member and register your demo 
no later than June 1st. Demonstrations are limited to three one-hour durations 
unless longer periods are requested in advance. Longer demonstrations are 
allowed on a space available basis. Contact CD [at] boardgamers.org for 
additional information. Include alternate times and type of table desired 
(either 6' rounds or 8' x 30" rectangulars) as well as boxart files for display 
signage. Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.  Submit 
requests to http://boardgamers.org/forms/DemoForm.htm asap.


LANDEL WINS MARCH MADNESS: Derek Landel's 16th seeded Duke '78 team topped a 
field of 49 to compliment his 2007 WBC championship by downing Ken Gutermuth's 
50th seeded Houston '82 team 78-69 in the Final. 95 games were played in all 
with Jeremy Billones, Peter Stein, Steve Caler and Dennis Nicholson also 
winning laurels with their 3rd through 6th place finishes. Complete details and 
the latest laurel totals are available at 

FOR THE PEOPLE UPSET: Tournament newcomer Sean Dolbee has unseated James Pei as 
the reigning FTP Champion.  James, holder of 556 BPA Laurels in FTP alone, has 
defined the word dominance in Card Driven Games since FTP’s original 
publication over a decade ago.  While he has been defeated in tournament play 
twice before, this marks his first loss during a championship PBeM final and 
caps an extraordinary run for any wargamer. 

Although the Final is complete, the tournament rages on with a playoff game for 
third place laurels between Jeff Donald and Gary Kirk still ongoing. Updated 
laurels must await the outcome of this match. Meanwhile, you can catch all the 
details at http://boardgamers.org/yearbook13/ftppge.htm#pbem. Excited by the 
outcome of this one, the demand for another FTP Tournament is already rising 
fast. Replacing the superb Don Chappell as steward will be Tim Tow. 

FOR THE PEOPLE AGAIN: The 2013-14 For the People BPA PBeM tournament is 
accepting signups starting now. For the People is GMT's card based strategy 
game on the American Civil War and is an exciting strategic challenge. Format 
and schedules will be finalized shortly. Sign up by July 1, 2013. To enter, 
post a comment at: http://forthepeopleqa.wordpress.com/ftp1314/

ADVANCED CIV UPDATE: The 2013 event has hit the midway point with games spread 
between Rounds 9 and 12, but all progressing well. The ten current leaders are 
Greg Stripes (Assyria, 10 points over Kevin Worth's Babylon), Romain Jacques 
(Assyria, by 153 over Nathan Barhorst's Africa), Joe Lux (Iberia, 67 ahead of 
Haakon Monsen's Africa), Jon Anderson (Africa, 142 ahead of Mads Lunau's 
Illyria), Steve Cameron (Thrace, by 85 in front of Javier de la Fuente's 
Africa), Jose Ignacio (Babylon, leading Mads Lunau's Illyria by 53), James 
Gundy (Illyria, 43 ahead of Kevin Worth's Thrace), Jonas Lundgvist (Babylon, 
351 over Gundy's Assyria), Kevin Youells (Babylon, leading Greg Crowe's Thrace 
by 276), and Neil McIver (Thrace, topping Jon Anderson's Illyria by 6).  Eight 
will advance ... watch http://bpa-civ.rol-play.com/ for details. 

Visit the BPA website at http://www.boardgamers.org

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