BPA September News
From: Donald Greenwood CD (cdboardgamers.org)
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 12:26:45 -0700 (PDT)
LEVY WINS HOBBY SERVICE AWARD: Keith Levy received our 2012 Hobby Service Award 
on July 31st at the BPA's Annual Meeting in Lancaster, PA. In becoming our 13th 
honoree, Keith was cited not only for his prior work on the BPA Board but his 
organizational skills in founding GCOM, Euro Quest and local gaming outreach 
programs. WBC attendees are especially grateful for his work with the Sampler 
Showcase and the BPA Game Library. See more details at 

WBC ATTENDANCE GROWS AGAIN: Despite challenges from the weather and a faltering 
Air Conditioning system, WBC again posted record attendance figures with a 2% 
gain which increased tournament participation by a like amount as no less than 
22 events drew triple digit participation. Twelve 2011 champions managed to 
hold onto their titles another year despite 42 players claiming their first WBC 
titles. Another 88 recorded their first laurels. Multiple event winners were 
cut from 20 to eight, led by Jason Levine who homered with four titles (LWL, 
POF, SJN, WPS) while the 2011 Caesar Randy Buehler and Nicholas Henning each 
recorded triples for the second straight year. This year's champions are now 
shown on line at http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc12/champs.htm. A more complete 
listing of the top six places, updated laurel totals, and an After Action 
report for every event as only WBC does it will appear in November.  Look for 
the Team Tournament results in the October newsletter. In the meantime, see 
what others are saying about their WBC experience at 

AUCTION SALES POSTED: The selling prices for this years 582 items in the WBC 
Auction are listed at http://boardgamers.org/wbc12/auctionlotsales.htm. Average 
price was $31.16, a decrease of 6.5% from 2011. In contrast, the Auction Store 
sold a record 1395 items from an available inventory of 1741. The average price 
was up $.75 to $13.47. Details pertaining to this year's Auction can be found 
at http://boardgamers.org/wbc12/auctionsales.htm. The Auction and Auction Store 
continue to grow every year and as a consequence the Auction Staff has made the 
following changes for 2013. 
        • All Auction items will require a minimum bid of $1.
        • All items for both the Auction and Auction Store must be checked in 
between 6 and 10 PM Monday.
        • Proceeds from the Auction and Auction Store will be paid by check 
instead of cash.  

EUROQUEST 2012 LOOMS AHEAD: Our next convention is at the Pikesville Hilton in 
Pikesville, MD Nov 1-4 featuring twelve Euro competitions and a wide variety of 
demos and plenty of Open Gaming. Check out the details at 

WBC EVENT REPORTS IN PROGRESS: 30 days after WBC, Event After Action Reports 
are being collected now and used to update 150 Event pages on our website for a 
scheduled November unveiling. The 55 GMs who have yet to fulfill that part of 
their obligation have been notified that the clock is ticking and that prize 
level and eligibility penalties will apply for those events whose GMs do not 
comply. WBC is unique among all gaming conventions for providing not only this 
coverage but also archiving such reports for posterity. Check out the BPA 
Archives section of our home page to check out the progress of your favorite 
event over the past 13 years.

WBC 2013 EVENT SUBMISSIONS: It's never too early to begin planning for next 
year - especially if you want to muster support for a new event by getting it 
on the membership ballot or move an event into the Pre-Con. There is a limited 
amount of space available for early starts so if you contemplate moving your 
event to Monday or sooner, you need to start the process now by getting 
approval early enough for us to acquire the required space. Such moves to or 
from Pre-Con or Monday status should be discussed asap with cd [at] 
boardgamers.org. Those merely wishing to get an event on the membership ballot 
who are willing to GM that event should complete the required event form at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/forms/SubmitEvent.php after reading the GM 
Guidelines linked from the start of that event  

2012 ELECTION RESULTS: Members are reminded that participation in the annual 
elections is needed to meet our Non-Profit Corporation requirements regardless 
of your preferences for the officers. If participation continues to drop, we 
will be unable to continue operations in our current format. All three 
incumbents won re-election to the BPA Board of Directors in the annual July 
elections in light voting that barely met requirements for a legal election. 
The results were announced at the BPA Annual Meeting but the Vote totals and 
links to officer profiles can be found at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/board/electionresult.htm .  

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Keep up with WBC electronically by joining the World 
Boardgaming Championships (WBC) Facebook group and the BPA_WBC Twitter Page. 
You can also easily find us in the Boardgame Geek Forums  under Gaming Related, 
Conventions, WBC.
        • BGG: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/forum/970241/boardgamegeek/wbc
        • Twitter: https://twitter.com/BPA_WBC
        • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2381468400/
        • Consimworld: http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX/?14@@.1dd15816


AGE OF RENAISSANCE:  The last Age of Renaissance Email tournament has finally 
come to a close.  It involved 50 players in three rounds taking nearly three 
years to complete a total of 13 games and 70 player starts. In the 5-player, 
8-turn Final Jeff Mullet as Genoa defeated Carl Damcke (Paris), Robert Davidson 
(London),  George Young (Barcelona)  and Stephen Koehler (Venice) to pad his 
lead at the top of the AOR laurels list. Jeff used a Turn 6 Enlightened Ruler 
to open a slight misery lead, along with Interest & Profit and Industry to beat 
Paris with the commerce strategy. Going last and purchasing Cathedral on Turn 8 
allowed Genoa to end the game with over $600 and defeat Paris by 200 points 
despite having less advances.  Tournament newcomer Robert stayed close until 
Turn 7. Mark Frueh took 6th place laurels. Updated laurel standings are 
available at http://www.boardgamers.org/yearbook/aorpge.htm.

ADEL VERPFLICHTET (aka Hoity Toity and By Hook or By Crook):  This 
unpronounceable tournament is gearing up for an October 1 start.  Join the 
frenzied action on the free SpielByWeb.com website as you exhibit your 
collection, “permanently borrow without permission” others’ collectibles, and 
attempt to bring others doing the same to justice.  Five preliminary games run 
simultaneously with semi-finals for the top ten about nine weeks later.  See 
http://www.gameaholics.com/adv_bpa/adv_format.htm for details and to learn to 
play!  Contact john [at] gameaholics.com to enter.

VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC: The Quarter-Finals claimed the top two seeds again. 
Daniel Blumentritt, seed #10, is the sole survivor from the initial top ten. 
However, Cinderella is also eliminated as the 38th seed finally went down. The 
remaining seeds, 10th to 16th, which ranged from 5298 to 5663 leave little room 
to pick a favorite.  Can Daniel survive the dreaded bye and who will get it 
next? This round will be the semi-final for the highest seed to prevail (and 
take the bye next round). The other winners included Tim Tow, Scott Beall, Greg 
Smith, and Robert Drozd.  Each has already earned laurels (as has the player 
who just lost to the eventual champion)!

SPEED CIRCUIT: 35 drivers took the Hockenheim road course for Heat 2 of the 
PBeM tournament. Mike Aubuchon, Doug Schulz, and Giuseppe Incorpora each 
registered heat wins. Average starting position of a qualifier in Race A was 
8th. In Race B it was 3rd. In Race C it was 5th. Nine qualified for the Final 
with either a first or second in the two heats with three third place finishers 
determined by average finish qualifying for the remaining spots. Montreal is 
the track for the upcoming Final.

FOR THE PEOPLE:  By all accounts, the 2012 World Boardgaming Championships were 
a great success, if a bit uncomfortable due to a 6:1 die split that resulted in 
a HVAC failure.  Once again, James Pei successfully defended his FTP title.  Of 
course, and not to take ANYTHING away from James, it was undoubtedly easier due 
Don Chappell's unfortunate absence (and maybe David Dockter’s).  Seriously, 
congratulations to James and our thanks to him for giving us all something to 
shoot at… I mean shoot for! Shortly after WBC, the results of James’ PBeM match 
against previously undefeated newcomer Alberto Molina were reported.  Alberto’s 
CSA conceded to James’ Union after the Summer of ’63 with the SW at 75:42.  The 
Union had closed three Blockade Zones and had a 35:16 edge in SPs.

In a second battle of the undefeated, Herr Dockter’s Union downed third ranked 
Michael Mitchell’s CSA in the Fall of ’63 with the SW at 90:38. As of this 
writing, Nick Pei and Gary Kirk, both previously undefeated, are enjoying a 
battle for the ages in a game found on ACTS under the handle BPA 4-1.  It is 
the Spring of ’64 and the SW is 31:24 (USA:CSA).  This is a donnybrook well 
worth the effort of looking through the journal.  Doug Pratto, the other 
previously undefeated player is locked with newcomer Jeff Donald in yet another 
masterful game. 

James Pei and David Dockter are guaranteed their positions in the Single 
Elimination bracket games to begin at the end of September, and as befits their 
AREA ratings (first and second respectively) they will anchor the brackets.  
The winner of the Pei / Kirk game will also be seeded as will Pratto should he 
prevail against Donald.  Known to have qualified for the drawing to complete 
the bracket are: Michael Mitchell, Alberto Molina, Grant LaDue, Tom Thornsen, 
Sean Dolbee, Tim Tow and Jean Louis Dirion.  Possibly qualifying, depending 
upon the outcome of their current games are:  Jeff Donald, Mike Pacheco, George 
Young, Steve Likevich and Mustafa Corapci. For more details please visit our 
tournament website: 
http://www.angelfire.com/ny4/gmtom/FTPtournament.htm#Round%201%20games . Round 
4 officially began on May 25th and will end on September 28th 2012. 

MARCH MADNESS: Speaking of annual, you can set your calendar on Bruce Monnin 
who again announces the start of the 10th Annual BPA March Madness PBeM 
tournament with a team draft scheduled to begin on November 1st. Check out all 
the details at http://www.nktelco.net/bdmonnin/mms_home_page.html.

Remember ... all of the above PBeM fun is free to current BPA members. Others 
may qualify with a $10 Associate membership in the year the event starts. 

Visit the BPA website at http://www.boardgamers.org

If you are not already receiving our monthly newsletters, please subscribe by 
visiting http://lists.boardgamers.org/mailman/listinfo/bpamail to confirm your 
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