BPA September News
From: Donald Greenwood CD (cdboardgamers.org)
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 09:25:19 -0700 (PDT)
LONGSHOT TAKES TEAM TOURNAMENT: Go Flank Yourself, ranked 50th in the 84-team field, edged perennial favorite Nest of Spies by a single point to take the 20th Run for the Slivers in the 2011 WBC Team Tournament. The 150-1 longshot scored three bonus points in the WBC handicapping system for placing in events which they had not won previously as Justin Rice and Rob Doane were rewarded for their first titles in Here I Stand and Battles of the American Revolution respectively while Dave Cross also picked up a bonus point for his third-place finish in Conquest of Paradise. The Nest, in contrast was ineligible for bonus points from its three scorers who had combined for 17 titles in their respective team events as the prohibitive favorite settled for also-ran status for the fourth year in a row. Complete details of the event including a list of the Top 25 teams and an updated history of the event can be found at http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc11/teamtournamentresults.htm .

BRUNO WOLFF WINS TEAM BRACKET BUSTING CONTEST: Contestants in our annual Team Tournament prediction contest correctly picked an average of only 2.44 teams of the Top Ten - down from 2.66 last year. This year's high score was just five teams - selected by Bruno Wolff, who was the only entrant to manage 50% accuracy. Bruno correctly selected #2 Nest of Spies (as did every other entrant), #4 MIT SGS, #8 Band of Fools, #6 Central Florida Gamers and #9 Tell Me the Odds in that order. Bruno wins a free 2012 membership for coming closest to the Happy Handicapper. So far, only the initial contest winner - 2009's Mark Love - has been able to best the Happy Handicapper's average by selecting six out of ten.

EUROQUEST 2011 LOOMS AHEAD: Our next convention is at the Pikesville Hilton in Pikesville, MD Nov 3-6 featuring twelve Euro competitions and a wide variety of demos and plenty of Open Gaming. The tentative schedule is now posted at http://euroquest.gamesclubofmd.org/EQ_Schedule.aspx and is available in PDF format at http://euroquest.gamesclubofmd.org/docs/eq_schedule.pdf . Additional details are available at http://www.boardgamers.org/specific/eq11ann.htm .

WBC EVENT REPORTS IN PROGRESS: Event After Action Reports are being collected now and used to update over 150 Event pages on our website for a scheduled November unveiling. The 2010 GMs who have yet to fulfill that part of their obligation have been notified that the clock is ticking and that prize level and eligibility penalties will apply for those events whose GMs do not comply on time. WBC is unique among all gaming conventions for providing not only this coverage but also archiving such reports for posterity. Check out the BPA Archives section of our home page to check out the progress of your favorite event over the past 12 years.

WBC 2012 EVENT SUBMISSIONS: It's never too early to begin planning for next year - especially if you want to muster support for a new event by getting it on the membership ballot or move an event into the Pre- Con. There is a limited amount of space available for early starts so if you contemplate moving your event to Monday or sooner, you need to start the process now by getting approval early enough for us to acquire the required space. Such moves to or from Pre-Con or Monday status should be discussed asap with cd [at] boardgamers.org. Those merely wishing to get an event on the membership ballot who are willing to GM that event should complete the required event form at http://www.boardgamers.org/forms/SubmitEvent.php after reading the GM Guidelines linked from the start of that event form.

2011 ELECTION RESULTS: All three incumbents won re-election to the BPA Board of Directors in the annual July elections. The results were announced at the BPA Annual Meeting but the Vote totals and links to officer profiles can be found at http://www.boardgamers.org/board/electionresult.htm . Email GM Bruce Monnin at bdmonnin [at] nktelco.net to join.

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Keep up with WBC electronically by joining the World Boardgaming Championships (WBC) Facebook group and the BPA_WBC Twitter Page. You can also easily find us in the Boardgame Geek Forums under Gaming Related, Conventions, WBC.


MARCH MADNESS IN NOVEMBER: The 9th Annual PBeM tournament begins November 1st with the team draft. On the heels of the largest field ever for this event at WBC this summer, this could prove to be the largest PBeM tournament to date. All games will be played using the ACTS module at http://acts.warhorsesim.com/index.asp. Each player will have two teams in separate single elimination brackets. For details see http://www.nktelco.net/bdmonnin/mms_home_page.html.

MULL WINS HERE I STAND: Larry Mull won the Second BPA PBeM tournament for Here I Stand to score the first laurels in the 2012 race for Caesar. The event drew a record 67 players and dwarfed all prior HIS tournaments in scope with 234 player starts. Larry's Papacy scored 25 points in the Final to edge Jeremiah Peterson's French by a single point. Rob Mull finished third with the Hapsburgs, Kaarin Engelmann fourth with the Protestants, Scott Burns fifth with the English and Bryan Collars sixth with the Turks. More details and updated laurel totals are available at http://www.boardgamers.org/yearbook11/hispge.htm#pbem .

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