BPA September news
From: Donald greenwood (doncon99toad.net)
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 12:33:01 -0700 (PDT)
WBC TEAM TOURNAMENT: Defending champion Nest of Spies, a coalition of Card Driven Wargamers from four different states, justifiying their high ranking by the odds makers as the 3rd ranked team, repeated as champions of the 2006 WBC Team Tournament over a field of 78 four-member squads. They became the first team to successfully defend their title by replacing the absent Ron Fedin with Stefen Mecay who made his first WBC a memorable one by leading the team with nine points for winning Twilight Struggle. The team also got their usual seven points from James Pei who won For The People for the sixth straight time and eight points from Dave Dockter for winning Paths of Glory. Scoring was up for the entire tournament, with the top eight teams scoring enough to have won the tournament in the leaner years and Nest of Spies setting the all time record with 24 points to break the old record of 22 points held by 1994's Team Dixie. Details are available at: http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/teamtournamentresults.htm

HOBBY SERVICE AWARD: The seventh recipient of the WBC's Hobby Service Award is Keith Wixson. The BPA Board of Directors elected the New Jersey lawyer from a list of twelve candidates of those who have sacrificed time and effort in service to the gaming hobby. Although being a quality WBC GM is a common trait of the nominees it is not the only criteria and those who have worked behind the scenes to improve the World Boardgaming Championships in other capacities are considered. Keith nevertheless owes his selection to his long and quality service as a GM of BPA CDW events; in particular Wilderness War and We The People in both live and email venues. Keith has also been a prime mover in the WAM conventions. He is remembered most for his providing special prizes in the form of replicas of colonial period weaponry. We salute Keith for his service to the hobby and being a symbol of the volunteerism that drives the BPA. See http://www.boardgamers.org/service.htm for more details.

NAPOLEON MOVES SOUTH: The next BPA gaming convention will be the 4th rendition of Waterloo - a dedicated Mini-Con for play of The Napoleonic Wars on October, 13th, 14th & 15th, 2006 at the Amerisuites Hotel in Greenville, SC. BPA has obtained a very favorable group room rate of $75 per night plus applicable state and local taxes bringing the total to $82.50. To obtain this rate you must identify your affiliation with the Boardgame player's Association's WATERLOO gaming conference and make your reservation before October 1st, 2006 (or when our roomblock sells out, whichever occurs first) at 864-232-3000 weekdays between 8 AM and 7 PM EST or 1-800-833-1516. After October 1st, reservations will be accepted on a space or rate available basis. Alternately, you may contact Amerisuites Hotel, 40 West Orchard Park Dr, Greenville, SC 29615. Be sure to identify your affiliation with our group – both to get the best rate for yourself and to credit our group with your stay. Your hosts for our first foray to the Deep South will be the Greenville Mafia, a swell bunch of gaming buddies who annually drive north to kick Yankee butt in this, their favorite game. They wish to extend a little southern hospitality and see if their mojo is still good on home turf as well. Admission for Waterloo will be $35 at the door. However, all current BPA and/or Greenville Mafia members will be eligible for a $10 discount if they have pre-registered by October 1st, 2006. Full details are available at http://www.boardgamers.org/specific/wat06ann.htm

CAFE JAY AT EURO QUEST: BPA is pleased to announce that Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games whose popular Cafe Jay demonstration area has been a feature of WBC for years will be able to make his first appearance at this year's Euro Quest where he promises to bring demo copies of all the new Essen game releases. Euro Quest IV is scheduled for Days Hotel in Timonium, MD this November 9th-12th. Complete details are available on line at http://www.boardgamers.org/specific/eq06ann.htm


RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN: The Sixth BPA tournament has concluded with Doug James matching his WBC championship in that game with the email crown as well, this time over Gary Dickson who was unable to attend WBC this year. There were 33 matches played in the Single Elimination tournament of 34 players with 3rd to 6th place laurels awarded to: Scott Abrams, Michael Mitchell, Bert Schoose and Roy Walker respectively.

WE THE PEOPLE: Round 2 of the six round swiss tournament has just concluded. Seth Fine, Ken Gutermuth and james Pei are tied for first with two wins each. Also with two wins but worse tie breakers, are George Seary, Peter Reese, Keith Wixson, Henry Rice, Michael Mitchell, Dan Leader and Ron Jacobsen. Pre-tournament favorites Marvin Birnbaum and Brian Mountford each suffered a Round 2 loss (to Rice and Leader, respectively). Rund 3 begnis shortly. Check out the action at ACTS and at http://mysite.verizon.net/vze4bc94/wethepeople/

MARCH MADNESS: The fourth annual BPA March Madness PBeM Tournament is scheduled to begin October 15th. All games will be played using the ACTS March Madness module. ACTS (http://acts.warhorsesim.com/index.asp) is free to join. Please familiarize yourself with the ACTS March Madness module before starting tournament play. All entrants in this event will receive two teams, one in each bracket. That ensures that each player gets to play at least two games. The brackets are set up so a player who drafts low in one bracket gets to draft high in the other bracket. The brackets are currently set up to handle 40 entrants, but will be adjusted to handle however many enter. As always, we are indebted to Stuart Tucker for his efforts in adding last year’s Sweet Sixteen teams to the collection, allowing me to include more teams in the event which are close to each other in rating. For details, see the event webpage at: http://www.bright.net/~monninb/mms_home_page.html

PANZERGRUPPE GUDERIAN: Armchair warrior is proud to host the second BPA Sponsored "PGG PBEM Tournament". This single-elimination tournament will be used to crown a "Wood-worthy" PGG champion. Starting date is November 1st. Full details are available at http://armchair-warrior.tripod.com/id2.html Contact jeff.lange [at] mac.com

RUSSIA BESIEGED: Overview: Armchair warrior is proud to host the first BPA Sponsored "RBS PBeM Tournament". This single-elimination tournament will be used to crown a "Wood-worthy" RBS champion in the newest BPA Century event. Starting date is November 1st. Full details are available at http://armchair-warrior.tripod.com/id3.html Contact jeff.lange [at] mac.com

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