WBC 05 Primer
From: Don Greenwood (doncon99toad.net)
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 12:25:42 -0700 (PDT)
Its time to game! WBC 2005 is almost upon us. You'll soon be hip deep in more 
gaming than most of us do in a year, so before your senses become dulled by 
sleep deprivation, listen up. If you're new to WBC, I suggest you read our 
greeting to newcomers at http://www.boardgamers.org/first.htm

JUNIORS: This year before you unleash the kids, be advised that those 12 and 
under who wish to play in the Junors events or open game in the Juniors room 
must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign a consent form before being 
allowed to use the room. we have upgraded the Juniors program thanks in large 
part to generous donations by sponsors Brian Sutton and David des Jardins with 
a fulltime monitor, more events and space, and a games library for Open Gaming 
... so bring the kids.

WBC AUCTION: The World Boardgaming Championships has been expanded to six full 
days of boardgaming and will open at 9 AM Tuesday, August 2nd with Open Gaming 
scheduled throughout Ballroom A and B. The key to this expansion is at 10 AM, 
when our expanded Boardgame Auction begins. It will conclude prior to the start 
of official tournaments at 6 PM thus allowing us to keep our competitive focus 
while expanding to offer the auction many have requested. Check out the updated 
list of cool stuff being auctioned at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/auction.htm. Advance pre-registration of items 
for sale is now closed. No further items will be accepted barring non-receipt 
of pre-registered Lots on time.

Auction sales are strictly cash-only affairs so bring your wallet. While there 
is an ATM on the premises outside the Wheatland room, it may be doing a 
landslide business so we suggest bringing the cash you'll need.

BADGES: WBC uses a deluxe badge holder which comfortably loops around your neck 
and has pockets for extras like keys, cash or pen.  They ain't cheap tho and we 
can't afford to give them away every year, so please either bring your badge 
holder back from last year AND HAVE IT WITH YOU at Registration, or be prepared 
to cough up a token $2 fee for a replacement. So remember when leaving this 
year to tuck that badge holder inside your favorite game to ensure a return 
trip to WBC next year and save $2.

Unlike prior years, there will be no pre-reg lists available for GMs to check 
those who have lost their badge or left it behind. You must wear your badge in 
order to play. There will be a $5 fee for replacement badges.

NEW VENDORS: The move to Lancaster Host has enabled us to expand our Venders 
Area and we are pleased to add five new (to WBC) vendeors/sponsors to our usual 
assortment of favorite game publishers. Please extend a warm WBC welcome to 
Avalanche Press, Cafe Games, Hexwar.com and Worthington Games at their first 
WBC. Remember to save time for a visit to their displays in the Wheatland room 
Friday thru Sunday sometime between 10 AM and 6 PM. Let's thank these folks for 
taking the time to attend WBC by checking out their products.

SURVEY: Yes, its survey time again. Because we have only a 30 day window after 
WBC to pick up the option on the remainder of our six-year contract at 
Lancaster Host or opt out and go elsehwere we want to know what you think of 
our new site. We don't want you to tell us until you've actually experienced 
the Host of course but you might save time and help ease the drive if you 
complete the rest of the survey on the way to/from the Host. You can download a 
pdf version at http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/survey05.pdf or wait to pick one 
up at registration in the New Holland room.

PROGRAM: The 2005 program was mailed to all current members residing in the USA 
on June 1st. All others get theirs upon arrival. If you received one in the 
mail, please bring it as we don't have enough to give everyone two copies! Last 
year late arrivals had to go without because of the number of people who took 
multiple copies. If you do have a program, note the following corrections:

? DAYS OF WONDER will be providing a free WBC Campaigns scenarios booklet to 
all entrants of its Memoir '44 tournament. In addition, designer Richard Borg 
and Eric Hautemont will be running giant-scale versions of Bastogne and Sword 
Beach on Thursday at 3 PM in Ballroom A. These games will each have four 
players per side and last about one hour.

? GLORIA MUNDI has been cancelled - see pg 74, 15, 18, 20. It has been replaced 
by Jambo in the same time slots.

? Puerto Rico Demo is at Table 6 at 11 AM Thursday; page 15

? Formula De Demo is at Table 1 at 9 AM Friday; page 17

? Maori Cannibals demo is at Table 4 4 PM Friday, page 18

? The new Barbarossa to Berlin GM is Doug Austin. Time & format continues 

? The new Squad Leader GM is Peter Pollard. Time & format continues unchanged.

EVENT PREVIEWS: A number of event previews have posted minor changes since 
their initial appearance in May. You may want to revisit them at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/yearbkex/index.htm. Corrected pages include: ASL, 
Samurai Swords, 1776, Memoir '44, Louis XIV, Puerto Rico, Queen's Gambit, 
Gettysburg and Ivanhoe.

PRE-CONS: Lest there be any confusion, note that while walk-ons are allowed at 
the four various pre-cons being held July 30th-August 1st, doing so will cost 
an extra $10 since BPA membership discounts do not apply at the door. Separate 
admission fees are required for Recon (ASL) 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/recon.htm, Guns of August (Paths of Glory) 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/gunsaug.htm, Omens (Hannibal) 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/omens.htm and Rising Sun (Victory in the 
Pacific) http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/risesun.htm.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS: The Lancaster Host is sold out. Reservations are being 
referred to a pair of adjacent hotels within easy walking distance:

America's Best Inn - (next door)
2250 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602
Block Held under the 2005 World Boardgamers' Championships
$89 Rate plus tax

The Continental Inn (across the street)
2285 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602
$89 Rate plus tax
NOTE:  3 night minimum

FOREIGN CURRENCY: Exchange of foreign currency is not available locally. Be 
sure to visit the Foreign Exchange Office at your airport. While the hotel 
accepts major credit cards, BPA does not, so convention registration and 
souvenirs must be paid for in American currency or checks drawn on US banks. 
There is a $25 charge for any returned check.

Lancaster is hot and humid in the summer. Dress accordingly and don't forget 
your swimsuit for a refreshing dip in the pool or jacuzzi. But also remember to 
pack a sweater should the air conditioning be too cool. While we expect the air 
conditioning situation to be improved over that of our previous site, it pays 
to be prepared.

REGISTERED? NEED A RIDE/ROOMMATE?: Check out the pre-reg list at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/prereg.htm. Car pooling to/from airports is an 
easy way to save money.

TRANSPORTATION: Amtrak will be the best option for many unable to drive. See 
the details on our site at http://www.boardgamers.org/hotellan.htm

REGISTRATION DESK: Convention registration is on the lower level in New Holland 
from Tuesday thru Sunday. The desk will be open Tuesday from 8 AM to 9 PM. Be 
sure to stop by before departing to pick up any prizes won.

MEETINGS: The BPA's Annual Meeting will be held Wednesday, August 3rd at 9 AM 
in the Lancaster Showroom of Lancaster Host in Lancaster, PA where we will 
present the new Board of Directors for your questions. At 8 AM on Sunday 
morning, August 7th the same location will be the site of our Annual Armistice 
Meeting with the presentation of Awards and Door Prizes. All BPA members are 
encouraged to attend.

TEAM TOURNAMENT: Although there is no event pre-registration (except for the 
Pre-Cons), pre-registration IS required for the Team Tournament. Check out the 
field this year and your team's status at 
http://www.boardgamers.org/bpateams.htm and remember to post your own score on 
our self-scoring Team Tournament display in the Ballroom Foyer.

POSTERS NA: Attendees are reminded that absolutely no flyers, posters, or 
charts of any kind are to be taped, glued, stapled, or adhered in any fashion 
to any surface at Lancaster Host. Any such materials will be immediately 
removed. You are welcome to hand out flyers for gaming activities and may leave 
same at Rregistration for distribution but absolutely no signage of any kind is 
to be adhered to a wall, furniture or other surface.

FLEA MARKETS NA: Attendees are reminded that all tables at WBC are reserved for 
the PLAY of games by those with a current WBC badge. No unauthorized selling, 
trading, or solicitation is allowed on the premises. Items left stacked on 
tables will be removed.

SMOKING NA: There is no smoking in public areas throughout WBC. If you need to 
smoke, please step outside. Do NOT open windows ... it only aggravates the air 
conditioning situation. Attendees are reminded NOT to bring outside food and 
drink onto the premises. Lancaster Host does not allow it.

DRINK RESPONSIBLY: Every year the BPA Board wrestles with the problem of 
alcohol consumption at WBC. While we do not wish to restrict any one's civil 
liberties, we must protect the majority (especially the children present) from 
the irresponsible behavior of a few who imbibe too much. Please restrict your 
social drinking to acceptable levels, and if you have had problems of this sort 
in the past, we urge you to abstain altogether. Please report any unacceptable 
behavior to the registration desk. Those responsible for unruly behavior will 
be removed from the premises and banned from future attendance.

PRIZES: Players are reminded to check the event kiosks in Corridor B to see 
advancement priority for later rounds. It is not uncommon in multi-player games 
for non-winners to advance, so if you want to play, always check to see if 
there are openings in the later rounds. It is not the GM's responsibility to 
find you. You must check the kiosk to determine your standing or show up at the 
next round to check for vacancies. If you do win a prize, remember to pick it 
up before leaving. Although we hold prizes for pickup next year, we must charge 
a shipping and handling fee if you want them delivered in the interim. Also, 
remember to check the back of any Plaques you win for GMT or MMP events for 
merchandise credits offered by the publisher.

KIOSKS: When you first arrive, check the Kiosks display in Corridor B. Each is 
adorned with a pictorial history of the event that furthers the traditions of 
WBC. Do NOT sign the entrant lists on the Kiosks - those are strictly for the 
use of the GMs. There is no event registration at WBC (except for the Team 
Tournament and Pre-Cons) which is now closed. Later, when you want to see if 
you've done well enough to advance to a subsequent round after a preliminary 
heat, check out the Alternate & Qualifying lists on these kiosks which should 
be returned to Corridor B when not in use. Do NOT write on these kiosks! They 
are expensive - and in some cases the original lidwraps that adorn them are not 
replaceable. By vandalizing them with your messages you make it that much 
harder for us to keep prices low and appearances up. If you MUST write on them, 
use the paper that is taped to them, not the boards themselves.

EXPERIENCE LEVELS: You are requested to honor the experience requirements of 
all events. Class A (red) events are for experienced players only. Class B 
(yellow) events allow beginners only if you have read the rules or attended the 
mandatory demonstration in Cafe Jay in the Ballroom Foyer. Do NOT expect to be 
taught the game during the event. Class C (green) events have GMs who have 
agreed to coach players during play. Please respect these requirements for 
everyone's enjoyment.

PLAYING TIMES: Please be considerate of others and play promptly, keeping 
within the duration of the event's listed playing time. Failure to do so not 
only causes problems when the space you occupy is needed for a later scheduled 
event, it can distress those you play with by making them miss the opportunity 
to play in another scheduled event. And, of course, it can slow down the entire 
tournament while others wait for you to finish before they can start another 
round. Failure to adhere to the scheduled playing times force GMs to make 
adjudications which neither they nor you will enjoy - especially since we 
advise heavy bias against those who play too slow. Most event playing times are 
already on the long side but if you cannot keep up with even that pace, you 
should probably restrict your activities to Open Gaming.

BEHAVIOR: We expect everyone to treat others with the same respect they would 
like to receive in return. The vast majority of gamers at WBC are exceedingly 
well behaved. Unfortunately, we can usually count on a few bad apples in every 
crop and those are the ones that get all the ink afterwards. We'd like your 
help in weeding out problem players. If you encounter someone who is having a 
bad day or just being an overall jerk, don't suffer in silence. Report it to 
your GM so that the GM can take steps to correct the problem.

Lastly, remember to bring the games you want to play! When WBC turns players 
away it is only due to a lack of enough games. Pre-registration at WBC is now 
closed but we welcome gamers of all kinds to register at the door.

......... whew! That's done - ok ... now you're ready to have fun at WBC. See 
ya soon.

Don Greenwood
WBC Convention Director

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