LAST CALL for the World Boardgaming Championships
From: Don Greenwood (
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 12:05:35 -0700 (PDT)
ELECTION: With the Independence Day holiday behind us its time for 
procastinators to step up and be counted. Only a week remains to vote for 
three people to decide the future of WBC for the next three years. The 
official postal ballot is printed on page 93 of the 2005 Program. To vote 
by email, consulting the e-ballot at and e-mail your votes to 
doncon99 [at] prior to July 15th, 2005. 

WBC AUCTION: The World Boardgaming Championships has been expanded to six 
full days of boardgaming and will open at 9 AM Tuesday, August 2nd with 
Open Gaming scheduled throughout Ballroom A and B. The key to this 
expansion is at 10 AM, when our expanded Boardgame Auction begins. It 
will conclude prior to the start of official tournaments at 6 PM thus 
allowing us to keep our competitive focus while expanding to offer the 
auction many have requested. Check out the cool out-of-print stuff being 
offered at If you want to 
bring an item for auction it must be presented by 12 PM AND be among the 
first 600 Lots registered. 560 Lots have already been pre-registered.

The GLORIA MUNDI event has been cancelled; it has been replaced by Jambo 
in the same time slots. See the new preview posted at

PRE-CONS: Lest there be any confusion, note that while walk-ons are 
allowed at the four various pre-cons being held July 30th-August 1st, 
doing so will cost an extra $10. Separate admission fees are required for 
Recon (ASL), Guns of August 
(Paths of Glory), Omens 
(Hannibal) and Rising Sun 
(Victory in the Pacific) 
Pre-register for these events now. 

T-SHIRTS: Come on - you know you want them! Those cool, full-color WBC 
T's with the 2004 Centurions and special award winners listed on the back 
prove you've been to the best gaming conference there is! And the games 
you choose for the front announce your gaming preferences. Distinctive 
Team shirts have never been easier. Save yourself the shipping fee and 
have them waiting for you upon arrival. Moreover, you can custom design 
your own shirt with illustrations of your favorite WBC events and pithy 
text from your own wordsmiths. More game illustrations have been added to 
the original menu. And this year you can order them via credit card at But hurry ... 
pre-orders must be received by July 15th. Otherwise, you'll have to wait 
to get yours in the mail AFTER WBC. 

BPA JACKETS: This item will NOT be available for sale at or after WBC. If 
you have not pre-ordered yours by July 15th, it will be unavailable so 
order now. 

TEAM TOURNAMENT: Although there is no event pre-registration (except for 
the Pre-Cons), pre-registration IS required for the Team Tournament. 
Entry is free - email your four-person squad to doncon99 [at]   

HOTEL RESERVATIONS: The Lancaster Host is sold out. Reservations are 
being referred to:

America's Best Inn - 
2250 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602
Block Held under the 2005 World Boardgamers' Championships
$89 Rate plus tax

The Continental Inn (across the street)
2285 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602
$89 Rate plus tax
NOTE:  3 night minimum 
REGISTERED? NEED A RIDE/ROOMMATE?: Check out the pre-reg list at Car pooling to/from airports 
is an easy way to save money.

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